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We’re here to fill a void in the market, offering an alternative to traditional wet cleaning procedures that cause issues such as long drying times, shrinkage, and wick back.

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At Carolina Carpet Cleaning, our cleaning process uses a carbonated cleaning solution resulting in no sticky residue left behind on your carpet. This prolongs the life of your carpet keeping the carpet’s original luster unlike traditional steam cleaning that can damage the integrity of the carpet pile. This amazing process does not require that your carpet be soaked with the carbonated solution, therefore, the time for your carpet to dry is only 1 hour!

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Wowing our customers has always been our passion and it shows in the amount of repeat clients we have. You don’t have to take our word for it, just do a quick search online for Carolina Carpet Cleaning and our reviews can speak for themselves…

Someone recommended them to me. The job was professionally done. I would recommend them. They did everything very well.
William C.
I have been using Carolina Carpet Cleaning since I purchased my home in 1993. They do a superb job cleaning the carpets!
Andrea S.

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Since its inception in 1993, Carolina Carpet Cleaning has been devoting all of its efforts to delivering excellence in floor cleaning services. Carolina Carpet Cleaning provides both residential and commercial cleaning throughout the Lowcountry.

We clean and maintain carpeting with our top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products that keep the environment in mind. Thousands of clients have benefited from the unparalleled expertise and excellent customer service we provide. We’ve treated numerous people with care and professionalism, giving everyone a pleasant and trustworthy experience.

That is determined by how much usage they get. The majority of our regular clients have their carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Carpet cleaning in South Carolina is generally done more frequently than in other regions of the country because mud, dirt, sand, and other factors eat away at your carpets and make it more important to have them cleaned more

With our cleaning process we only use compounds that are nearly instantly dry when we are though. We leave your carpets clean and fresh and ready for use.

Dry carpet cleaning is just as good, if not better, than the old wet carpet cleaning method! The stain’s fibers and fabric, as well as its location in relation to other stains on the material being cleaned, are all taken into account. Coffee/tea, red wine, and pet droppings are the most difficult stains to remove. Despite the fact that dry carpet cleaning might help to remove stains, no procedure can reverse a carpet that was dyed or where dye was removed because of the acidic nature of pet urine and other chemicals.

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We provide superior residue free cleaning at an affordable price and we’ve been rated #1 by our customers for over 20 years! Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning prices along with our attention to detail will make Carolina Carpet Cleaning your “go-to” carpet cleaner.

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