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Residential & Commercial Floor Cleaning In Beaufort, South Carolina

Carolina Carpet Cleaning has been delivering excellence in carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout the Beaufort, SC area since 1993. Weare experienced professionals who can handle any size job from residential to commercial, from one room to an entire office building.

Our technicians are trained on the best practices for your carpets and furniture while taking into consideration your specific needs and concerns. They will work diligently to preserve your investment while exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

We Offer The Following Floor Cleaning Services In Beaufort, South Carolina 29910, 29902, 29903, 29904, 29906, 29907

Carolina Carpet Cleaning is a professional floor and tile cleaning service serving Beaufort, SC. We’re committed to providing high-quality work at affordable prices -make sure to explore all of our floor cleaning services.

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  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
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  • Area Rug Cleaning
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  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Boat / Campers
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  • Carpet Stain Removal
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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are more than just beautiful. Carpeting is one of the most common indoor surfaces in homes, and it’s also a source of comfort for many people. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis can help you avoid illness.

They’re a haven for allergens and germs, and they expose everyone in the house to hazardous pollutants, especially if someone in the home has allergies or pets are present. Regular carpet cleaning is critical regardless of whether you have children or pets or if someone in your household has allergies.

Upholstery Cleaning

Vacuuming your furniture’s upholstery on a regular basis can help keep it looking bright and clean. Even with constant care, it may become lifeless and drab. Leave the deep cleaning to us – the upholstery cleaners! Even if you meticulously maintain your upholstery, dirt may accumulate surprisingly quickly. Dust and pollutants from all sorts of particles can be absorbed by the fabric when you wear clothes, body perspiration, or put articles on it.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Dirt and grime on tile and grout are the worst offenders when it comes to making a house look run-down. Bring your tiles and grouts back to their original condition. Using our strong cleaning process, dirt, debris, and grim will be removed from your surfaces, preserving them looking new.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Clean rugs are a must-have in every home. We all desire clean carpets devoid of dirt, odor, debris, and unsightly stains. However, when children, pets, and accidents obstruct your rugs from being properly cleaned, Rug Masters has the answer! Residents of Beaufort County can get their oriental carpets deep-cleaned by us. We clean area rugs and Navajo rugs of all types and sizes; however, we specialize in high-end Oriental carpets. Give us a call if your carpets have been stained by coffee, wine, food or pet droppings.

Area Rug Cleaning

Carpet and area rug manufacturers recommend our residue-free hot water extraction cleaning technique. We also provide low-temperature cleaning for certain area rugs, depending on their fiber content. Using a high-powered, patented six-inch overlap cleaning method with a residue-free solution, we remove all dirt, sand, grit, and grime from the area rugs.

Pet Odor Removal

While dogs and cats may be our dearest companions, they are not always the best friends of our carpets and furniture. Since mankind’s first indoor pets were domesticated, animal stains have been a problem. Neglected stains can cause an unpleasant odor and structural as well as color damage to textiles over time. We’ve successfully deodorized and colored many pet spills throughout the years using tried-and-true methods such as enzymes and heat. We’ve successfully deodorized and cleaned hundreds of pet mishaps over the years by removing urine from both the carpeting and pad utilizing specialized equipment.

Learn More About Pet Odor Removal

Auto, Boat and Camper Interior Cleaning

There are a variety of entertaining and thrilling outdoor activities that require continuous use of automobiles and boats. Because to their continual usage, they are susceptible to things like grime, which must be cleaned on a regular basis. Keeping your surfaces clean will extend the lifespan of your home. It might involve changing seats, carpets, mattresses, or cleaning your camper interior. If you don’t have the time to deal with the above items, you’ll need to engage professional vehicle cleaners to address any problem with the Best Auto, Boat And Camper Interior Cleaning Services in Beaufort SC.

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We offer excellent residue-free cleaning at a reasonable cost, and we’ve been named the best by our clients. Carolina Carpet Cleaning® is your “go-to” carpet cleaner because to our patented steam cleaning processes and experienced cleaners, as well as our low-cost carpet, upholstery, and area rug cleaning services.

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