10 Tips For Maintaining Oriental Rugs

10 Tips For Maintaining Oriental Rugs

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Oriental rugs need excellent maintenance to prevent it from wear and tear. You can sweep and vacuum it regularly, depending on the foot traffic in your home. Spills and pet stains need cleaning right away before they toughen. Rotating your rags and using rug pads will increase the life of your carpet. There are many ways of ensuring that oriental rugs are well-maintained. Read to learn more about the Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Services In Bluffton SC or…

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Tips For Maintaining Oriental Rugs 

If you have been searching for ideas on how to maintain your oriental carpet, consider the tips listed below:

1. Regular Rotation

Rotating your rugs will allow for evenly distributed wear. Rotation is essential if the mats are in a high-traffic area. This will give your mat a progressively uniform look that will help keep up both appearance and value.

2. Avoid Sunlight

Placing your rug in an area that gets direct sunlight is not a good idea as it makes the dye of the rug fade dramatically. Rotate your rug for uniform exposure to sunlight.

3. Flip The Rug Over

Remove dirt from the oriental rug by flipping it over. The back of it should be on the top for some days. Any trash that is stuck in the fiber will be removed when you flip it over.

The fringes at the end of the oriental rug become twisted quickly. Combining the edge can damage the natural fibers.  The fringe can straighten better when you flip over the carpet.

4. Vacuuming

Rugs need regular vacuuming. Ensure that the beater bar turns off so that the delicate fiber in your oriental rug does not tear.

5. Clean Spots

Clean a spill as soon as it occurs to avoid stains on your oriental rug. Blot it with a dry cloth to soak any excess liquid. Avoid using standard cleaning products on the carpet since this can damage the fibers. If water does not remove the stain, you can consult a professional to help you clean it.

6. Padding

Use carpet pads to prevent your carpet from wearing out. It keeps the pad stabilized and in shape.  The pads also make the rugs softer to walk on.

7. Alter Pathways

To prevent excessively wearing out of the rug, create new pathways in six months or so, and increase your carpet’s lifespan.

8. Wipe Down

Dampen a cloth with cold water and use it to wipe the rug down.  The material will remove surface dust and refresh the surface of the oriental rug. Water can damage your carpet, and you need to ensure that it is not in flooded areas or damp floors.

9. Professional Washing

The natural fibers of the oriental rug restore when you wash it professionally. It is essential to clean it every three to five years. Professional cleaning should extend the life of the carpet. You will use it with more comfort when your rug is clean.

10. Air  Out Your Rug

Prevent the buildup of mold and mildew by airing your rug. Hang it to dry for a few hours after six months. The aeration will prevent the accumulation of mold and any odors that result from moisture in your rug.

Maintaining your oriental mat is critical to safeguard its quality in the long haul. Regardless of whether you need to sell it later on or keep it as a precious family treasure, these tips will help you keep your oriental rug excellent and worth each penny.

People Also Ask

Why Are They Called Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are floor coverings hand-dyed in  Asia. These carpets are named after the town where they were weaved.

What Makes A Good Oriental Rug?

An excellent geometric design may have 100 bunches for each square inch, while a floral itemized pattern has at least 300. The nature of the fleece determines the strength and quality of a rug.

How Often Should You Clean Oriental Rugs?

Specialists suggest that you should clean your rug every three to five years.

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