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Are you searching for a carpet cleaner in Bluffton, SC? If so, it’s time to see what Carolina Carpet Cleaning has to offer.

Carolina Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets since 1993. Our state of the art cleaning systems clean your carpet quickly without making your carpet pay the price. Find out more about us and how we are serving Bluffton carpet cleaning needs.

Even if you vacuum and brush your carpet regularly, it just won’t be enough to keep your carpet fresh and clean. The solution for this is hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean your carpet. Our state-of-the-art technology will clean your carpets professionally quickly and efficiently.

Could Your Carpets Be Effecting Your Health

Dirty carpets do not only hurt the aesthetic of a particular room; more importantly, it affects the health of the people living in the home. Your carpet may be a breeding ground for molds, bacteria, dust mites, mildew, and other disgusting stuff.

  • Dirty Carpets Can Harbor All Different Types Of Pests and Diseases

Dirty carpets become a breeding ground for a lot of unpleasant stuff which can hurt your health.

  • Poorly Cleaned Carpets Can Be Damaged Permanently

Ideally, you want to get your carpets professionally cleaned and treated every six months, or once a year, at the very least.

  • Wet Carpets Can Result in Mildew

Normally, you have to wait 4-6 hours for your carpet to dry completely. But, our state-of-the-art technology dries within an hour!

  • Using Bad Products Can Leave Your Carpet Dirtier Than Before

You could find carpet cleaners for rent. But, the solutions are much more expensive than you would expect; using the wrong ones is not an option.

We Are The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Bluffton, SC

We offer the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Bluffton, SC. We have been helping South Carolina homeowners clean their carpets since 1993. Our expertise, coupled with the state-of-the-art equipment we use, enables us to provide the best results to our clients. The next time you need your carpets cleaned, think of Carolina Carpet Cleaning! We offer:

  • Personalized Cleaning Packages
  • Trustworthy Advice
  • Honest Technicians
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Serving Bluffton
  • Verified Reviews

What Should You Expect When Having Carpets Cleaned

Carpets that have been cleaned with modern cleaning methods are quickly and completely cleaner than ever before, since they don’t take weeks to dry and inconvenience the homeowner. We can extract a lot more from the surface (and the space beneath it) than a regular vacuum, or even carpet cleaning machines you may rent at a home improvement store by using a high-pressure cleaning approach.

Our suction is considerably more powerful than a typical home vacuum, so anything that may have been trapped and buried deep down in the fibers of the carpet can now be extracted. When all of the contaminants have been removed, the carpet will be completely odor/stain free. The dirt is removed and the carpeting’s color is allowed to show, resulting in a more vibrant ambiance.  When you need Carpet Cleaning in Bluffton SC, think of us first!

We Offer The Following Floor Cleaning Services In Bluffton, South Carolina

Carolina Carpet Cleaning is a professional floor and tile cleaning service serving Bluffton, SC. We’re committed to providing high-quality work at affordable prices -make sure to explore all of our floor cleaning services.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Boat / Campers
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Our Service Area

We Clean Carpet with modern cleaning methods

Carolina Carpet Cleaning has been taking care of the Lowcountry’s oriental rugs since 1993. If you have a hallway rug, runner, or other large area rug that receives high traffic let us clean it for you. We may live in a warm area, but the environment here in South Carolina is very hard on rugs. The sand from the beach, the pollen and pet dander along with the humidity makes the rugs a dirty mess.

Indoor Carpets
Pet Stains
Area Rugs
Carpet Stains

We Are Ready To Clean Your Carpets

If you are someone who doesn’t have the time nor the energy to clean your carpet yourself, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Aside from sparing you from doing all the work, they have more powerful equipment, and are more knowledgeable in removing stains. Make sure you view our other related services like upholstery cleaning.

We Bring Your Carpets Back To Life

  • Responsive Staff

We want to work with you! Whether you have an emergency or just want to schedule service, we will be in touch!

  • Upfront Quotes

Our pricing structure is crystal clear. We offer quotes before the work has been started. No surprise costs or hidden fees, just clean carpets!

  • Courteous Techs

Our specially trained technicians have your home at heart. We don’t just care about your floor, but you walls and baseboards too!

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If you have questions or need advice about our services in the area, don’t hesitate to call or email. We can stop by to inspect your property and give you a custom quote.

Looking For Local Carpet Cleaners?

Looking for the best carpet cleaners in Bluffton, SC? Look no further than our experienced and professional team at Carolina Carpet Cleaning, we are carpet cleaning experts. We have been providing top-quality carpet cleaning services to the residents of Bluffton for many years, and our experience shows in our work. We use the latest equipment and techniques to clean carpets quickly and thoroughly, and our carpet cleaners are always up for a challenge.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaners who can handle any job, big or small, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote for our services.

Carolina Carpet Cleaning is the solution you need when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. With our rug cleaning, we use a dry foam deep-cleaning system that penetrates and cleans deeper into the carpet fibers than any other carpet cleaning method. We also use a unique line of products for every type of stain including pet stains and odors, food stains and odors, wine/coffee/tea stains, bloodstains, grease or oil spills. In addition to the carpet cleaning benefits, it is also a environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

We Also Clean Area Rugs

Our Rug Cleaning Chemicals Are Environmentally Friendly

Most homeowners are unaware of the different types of carpet cleaning that are available. Just like using the phrase Kleenex, people call at carpet cleaning “steam cleaning”. However, this is a huge misconception about how different companies clean your rugs. Franchise guys like Stanly Steamer use super heated water that leaves your carpets wet for hours after they leave. This is how other local companies like Mighty Mac clean your carpets, by soaking them with how water. It is also why your carpets still smell moldy and old after steam cleaning. Not only that, high heat steam can actually hurt your carpet fibers. We use a low moisture technique call “dry carpet cleaning” where a cleaning solution with carbonate is used. This cleaning method actually uses the natural fizzing and expansion of the soap to loosen and lift dirt to the top of the fibers where it can be removed. Many carpet cleaners use this method because it is very effective as well as safe for your carpet and the environment. This was carpet cleaner was pioneered by Harry Rench in 1936, his “dry powder” soap was invented as an alternative to using water on wool carpets.

Thus, a huge industry was launched. During the next 20 years improvement were made to the dry soap method and a rug cleaning machine was developed in 1956. As time progressed many carpet cleaners “patent” this dry carpet cleaning solution and companies such as Chem Dry and Zerorez were founded. Ultimately the patent expired and this led the way for independent, non franchise carpet cleaning companies to use the technology. Today, we are serving Bluffton with this exact dry carpet cleaning method that has stood the test of time. The best part about carbonate carpet cleaning is it leaves no sticky residue, it is safe for kids and pets and it dries in 1 hour. We clean carpets, area rugs, upholstery and stairs throughout Beaufort County, South Carolina. Our dry cleaning method also works on our related service of upholstery cleaning.

Our Story

How Did The Carpet
Cleaning Company Start?

I have told the story of how Carolina Carpet Cleaning started several times and on our blog, but I will give the quick overview here. In the early 1990’s, I moved to South Carolina and worked for the local Chem-Dry franchise on Hilton Head which was owned by my friend. After several years of gaining experience and about the time the patent ran out on Chem-Dry’s carbonate cleaning solution, I decided to go into business for myself and open a carpet cleaning company. Since I could offer better service and better prices than a franchise, I quickly became very busy. So with Carolina Carpet Cleaning you get all the technology of the big guys but with the added benefit of working with a real local business and the owner himself.

So, if you are in the market for a carpet cleaning company in Bluffton, SC? If so, you’re in luck! Here at the best carpet cleaning company in Bluffton, SC, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier service to all of our customers. Whether you need your carpets cleaned for a special event or just because they’re overdue for a good scrubbing, we’ll work our hardest to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

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If you have questions or need advice about our services in the area, don’t hesitate to call or email. We can stop by to inspect your property and give you a custom quote.