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Our expertise in oriental rugs goes back to 1993. We have been cleaning these rugs in the Lowcountry for more than 25 years. Our equipment and experience can bring your rug back to life!

The beauty that oriental rugs bring to your home is incredible. They are spectacular works of art for your floors. However, these rugs need regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their beauty and lifespan. You need a Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services. They are also delicate and expensive; hence it will be appropriate to get a professional rug cleaner who will do it with utmost care.

If you have an oriental rug you know it requires proper care to make it look its best!

Would My Oriental Rug Really Benefit From Professional Cleaning? YES!!

Cleaning your oriental rugs will make them look better for years to come. Orientals rugs tend to hide dust or particles that your eyes cannot see. They get spills and stains as well as dirt and debris piling and penetrating the carpet. It is why you may need a professional cleaner to clean the trash that is deep-rooted into the foundation of your carpet. 

  • Dust Is Your Enemy

Dust and dirt can weaken your rug’s fibers leaving them dull and unattractive, not to mention damaged!

  • Sun Damage is Is Not An Old Wives Tale

In time, sun damage may cause an unpleasant dullness to your rug, keep it out of the sun if possible!

  • Moth and Insect Damage Is A Real Threat

Some insects may cause tears and wears to your carpets. with enough time the rug could be destroyed.

  • Extend Your Oriental Rug’s LifeSpan

If you desire that eye-catching look for your oriental rug, you will need professionals to work on it.

Outstanding Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Are you spending months searching for professional cleaning services for your oriental rug? Well, no more tarmacking. Carolina Carpet Cleaning provides the Best Oriental Rug Cleaning Services. Our dedicated staff and state-of-art tools offer spectacular results to our clients. We provide the best cleaning services, guaranteed!

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Your Rug Deserves A
Professional Carpet Cleaning!

See The Difference!

A professional cleaner will ensure all hidden and harmful elements attached to your carpet clears off. It is because their state-of-art equipment enables them to do the job correctly. A skilled cleaner will inspect all areas of your rug, including the tears and wears. Observing such will prevent further damages and costly expenses in repairing or replacing your carpet.

Most people usually forget to clean their oriental rugs due to their busy schedules. It is the most neglected part of our homes. Oriental rugs color and material can make it harder to spot stains or dust. But with time, the accumulation of unwanted stuff may cause an unpleasant smell and dullness to your rug. Bringing back its charm may mean seeking professional cleaning services to make it alive once more.

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Carolina Carpet Cleaning has been taking care of the Lowcountry’s oriental rugs since 1993. If you have a hallway rug, runner, or other large area rug that receives high traffic let us clean it for you. We may live in a warm area, but the environment here in South Carolina is very hard on rugs. The sand from the beach, the pollen and pet dander along with the humidity makes the rugs a dirty mess.

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Put Your Rug In Our Hands!

Cleaning your oriental rugs will make them look better for years to come. That’s why you may need a professional cleaner to clean the trash that is deep-rooted into the foundation of your carpet. 

Give your oriental rug the same love it gives you!

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