Your Oriental Rug Needs Special Care

You Can Trust Your Rug With Carolina Carpet Cleaning

Only a skilled professional with knowledge of the delicate nature of these exquisite rugs should clean oriental carpets. It’s crucial to understand that natural fiber rugs can’t be cleaned the same way as artificial, wall-to-wall carpeting.

Natural fibers are far more delicate and sophisticated than manufactured ones. The colors must be protected from fading or dye migration by using the proper procedures. Poor cleaning procedures might induce yellowing or browning of the yarns, backing material weakening and pile distortion, thus destroying the rug’s appearance.

Hilton Head Island Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists

Owning an oriental rug is not just a great decorative choice but a wise investment. Each year, your rug is likely to increase in value and be worth great money years down the road. However, wear and tear and stains can seriously affect its value if you don’t work with our cleaning team.

We start by examining your oriental rug to get an idea of when it was built and what methods may work best for it. Different traditional weave patterns require varying cleaning methods, such as scrubbing with the threads rather than against them.

Beyond that, we also have specialized cleaning equipment designed specifically for oriental rugs. These machines use delicate, but powerful, solutions and treatment methods that break apart stains and dirt without damaging your area rugs in the process.

Our Recipe For Rug Success

The basic elements of air and water are utilized in our process to deliver an extremely thorough, yet gentle cleaning. Although more time consuming, specially cleaning oriental carpets ensures that no stain is overlooked and the delicate construction of the rug is not put under strain. Our cleaning method provides the most comprehensive clean for your treasured item.

  • Inspection

We evaluate your rug completely on both the front and back sides, as well as test its dyes for colorfastness.

  • Air Dry

All carpets are dried flat. Air movers are used to help speed up the drying process, and dehumidifiers are used to regulate it.

  • Dust Test

The backside of the rug will be gently beaten with special equipment, allowing soils to fall and be removed from the cloth.

  • Final Grooming

We go over the fringe and give your rug a final check. It’s then placed pack where it belongs.

Can My Carpets Collect Dirt If I Vacuum?

Another problem most people fail to consider is dust removal. A oriental rug is intended to conceal dry dirt and can hold hundreds of pounds without it showing. This dangerous dry soil is difficult to remove with regular vacuuming or other standard cleaning. You have a significant purchase in this fine rug. Always rely on a pro with years of expertise to look after them, and they will be appreciated for many years to come!

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Your Oriental Rug Professionals

Carolina Carpet Cleaning is Hilton Head’s first and only master rug cleaner. We have a long and exceptional reputation in the carpet and rug cleaning sector. We are your go-to source for professional carpet cleaning. Our staff understands how important your oriental carpet is to you, which is why we go out of our way to give excellent customer service and create a safe and clean environment for your family and pets.

Rugs are not all the same. Whether it’s a family heirloom or an unusual antique, you can rely on us to properly clean and preserve your rug. Our cleaners follow a customized cleaning technique depending on the fiber, construction, dye process, age and condition of each rug. This gives your rug the greatest treatment possible.

Make Sure Your Oriental Rug Cleaning Is Done Right

Carolina Carpet Cleaning services Hilton Head Island with outstanding and thorough Oriental Rug cleaning. We realize that your delicate textiles are a high-priced item unlike other carpets or furniture; with the right service your rug can endure up to 150 years or more!

Urine Removal
Stain Removal
Color Protection

We Want To Service Your Oriental Carpet!

If you don’t have the ability or equipment to clean your rug yourself, you should hire a professional cleaning service. Aside from saving you the trouble of doing all the work, we have more advanced equipment and are more knowledgeable in your rugs proper care.

We Keep Your Rug Looking It’s Best!

  • Knowledgeable Staff

We want to work with you. Our staff takes pride in there work and will offer you tips and advice on maintaining a fragile rug.

  • Honest Pricing

We want to give you the best deal in town. We do that by offering quotes before work is even started!

  • Advanced Equipment

Knowledge is nothing without the gear you need; our staff is trained to use these machines and keep your home looking fresh

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