When Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned?

There’s nothing that adds warmth and comfort to a living space like a carpet. Whether you opt for a luxurious style or one that’s more practical, carpets always do a great job of making your home look more welcoming and put together. 

However, if you own a carpet that has been in use for several years, you need to get it professionally cleaned, no matter what it looks like on the surface. Carpets can contain a multitude of particles, including dust, dirt, allergens, and even possibly toxic substances such as mold or pet dander. And that’s not all; carpets can also become a breeding ground for bacteria which is accelerated by spills from food and drink.

While it’s probably tempting to say that you should clean your carpets every single time they get dirty, it’s hardly practical or affordable. Thus, for most homeowners, Carolina Carpet Cleaning recommends that you get your carpets cleaned every six months to once a year. But you may choose to get your carpets cleaned more or less often, depending on your lifestyle and your specific requirements. 

The following factors will help you figure out the optimum cleaning frequency for your carpets.

Do You Regularly Vacuum Your Carpets?

Vacuuming from time to time not only keeps your house clean but also does a lot to preserve the life of your carpets. The vacuum brushes off and sucks up all the dirt and dust particles that are sitting on the surface of your carpet. If these particles are not removed in time, they sink deeper into your carpet and destroy the fabric, reducing its lifespan. Hence, you’ll need to get your carpets professionally cleaned more often.   

Are There Kids in The Household?

Another factor that influences when you should get your carpets cleaned is how often you use them. Maybe you have only two people occupying the house. In that case, your carpet will be rather easy to maintain. 

However, if you have a big family and especially little children, you’ll need to do a lot more to keep up the appearance and hygiene of your carpets. For example, you might have kids in the house, both young and old, that are always bringing in dirty shoes and making a mess. In that case, your carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once per year to prevent dirt and stains from setting in and making them impossible to remove later.

Do You Own Any Pets?

Pets, just like kids, are a major contributor to making your carpets dirty. Hair, dander, and unwanted smelly stains are very hard to avoid if you let your furry friends roam freely on the carpets. And if you have pets that are also outdoors sometimes, don’t forget all the muddy paw prints that they can bring in from outside the house. 

With regular vacuum cleaning, you can take care of all the loose hair, fur, and skin particles. Deep cleaning the carpets yourself every three to six months is recommended to avoid the accumulation of allergens and bacteria. However, for treating unsightly stains and disgusting odors, you’ll need to bring in the professionals, preferably twice a year.

Does Someone in the House Have Allergies?

If someone in the house suffers from medical issues such as allergies, it only increases the need to get your carpets cleaned more often. Normally, carpets act as a good material for absorbing all the dust and dirt particles that float around in the air inside your home. However, this also means that it harbors plenty of particles that could trigger allergies in no time. 

Using a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter is a good remedy to take care of the allergens in the short run. But to properly eliminate all the bad stuff in your carpets, calling in a professional every three to four months is a must, especially in case of more serious allergies. 

What Color Is Your Carpet?

The color, pattern, and texture of your carpet makes a huge difference in the appearance of a room. Incorporating light-colored carpets in your home is a great tool for making your space look bigger and brighter. 

While they work as a good tool to transform a place, lighter carpets also have a big downside to them; they can get really dirty, really fast. Even the smallest amount of dirt can make your carpet look old and much darker than its original color. So, while a lighter carpet may help to open up your living room, it requires extra effort and more frequent cleaning to keep it looking bright and new.

Does Your Carpet Reek?

Carpet fibers are notorious for holding not only all kinds of stains but also nasty odors. These unpleasant smells can get locked into your carpet anytime there is food or a liquid spill on the surface or if your pet has an accident. There are many DIY methods that can help you temporarily deal with the situation, such as using baking soda to ward off the bad smell. But for a more long-lasting solution, there is no other way than getting your carpets deep cleaned. 

Carpets are an integral part of any home, from providing you warmth during the cold winters to adding a touch of luxury to your living space. With kids and pets running around the house all day, it’s hard to keep your carpet in top shape. That’s why Carolina Carpet Cleaning is here to fulfill all your carpet cleaning requirements. Clean, fresh, and odorless carpets are now just a call away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuuming and carpet cleaning the same thing?

While regular vacuuming does a good job at maintaining your carpet, it’s certainly not the same as getting it cleaned by professionals. Vacuums only collect the dust and other various particles that lie on the surface of your carpet. However, they do nothing to remove stains, allergens, dirt, or grime. For this, you need proper carpet cleaning that will thoroughly clean your carpet and make it look as good as new.   

What Is the best time of the year to clean carpets?

Typically, the best time of the year to get your carpets cleaned professionally is in spring. The excess moisture can bring lots of dirt, mold, and other stuff into your house during winters. And if not cleaned in time, this will eventually settle down into the carpet, making your living space unhygienic.   

Do you have to stay off freshly cleaned carpet for a certain time?

Yes! For best results and to keep your carpets clean for longer, it’s advised to avoid using the carpet for up to 6 hours after cleaning. However, if you don’t have a choice, walk on the carpet wearing white socks and without any shoes on to avoid staining it.

When is it time to replace a carpet?

The frequency with which you need to switch your carpets really depends on how often you use them. Busier households will need to change their carpets more often than those with light traffic. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to replace your carpets every six to seven years after use.

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