Practical Guide: When Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Practical Guide: When Should You Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

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Maintaining a clean and neat home is not an easy thing, but mandatory. However, many people underestimate the vital aspect of cleaning their carpets. Even though you may wash or vacuum the rug yourself, some areas may still hide dirt, requiring you to seek professional help. Carpets usually need a deep cleaning to remove stubborn stains. If you want your carpet to retain its color, texture, and look, get it cleaned professionally at least once or twice each year. 

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How To Tell That Your Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning?

The following are the signs that you need to watch out for to tell when your carpet needs professional cleaning:

Stains On Your Carpet

Every time you have meals with your family, expect some of it to spill on your carpet, including beverages. It leads to noticeable stains that can be tough to remove. You can try washing off the stains, but if it proves difficult, then it will be best to seek professional carpet cleaners. There could be hidden dust particles, spots, and so on, that ordinary cleaning won’t sort. These can damage your carpet if not dealt with on time. 

Experiencing Allergy Flare-up

The design and materials used to make carpets make it susceptible to collecting allergy-inducing elements like dust, pet dander, and so on. If not cleaned correctly or at least once in a while by a professional, you will end up with a cough, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezes, and so on. When you get such effects, it means your carpet needs a deep clean. It will save you and your family from frequent allergic reactions. 

Children And Pets 

Unlike humans, pets can pee and poop on your carpet. They can even vomit on it and dry up without your knowledge. You can only realize it when you visibly see the stains. Sometimes younger kids can do the same to your carpet. Whichever the case, you must clean it to maintain a healthy atmosphere. If the situation is beyond your capability, you will need to hire professional carpet cleaners. 

The Carpet Produces An Offensive Smell

It is evident that any smelly rug is dirty and requires deep washing. A nasty odor emulating from your carpet is an indication that bacteria is the culprit. Instead of ignoring such a problem and letting it escalate, please clean the carpet immediately. 

The Carpet No Longer Appears New

Your carpet will get old at some point, like other items you use daily. But it doesn’t matter; an old carpet doesn’t mean you leave it dirty and stinky. They still hide particles and other elements that could be harmful to your health. If you want your carpet to appear new for a more extended period, then get it cleaned professionally. 

People Also Ask

What Type Of Carpet  Cleaning Is Best?

Shampoo cleaning is considered the most efficient carpet cleaning service. Steam cleaning is another well-known solution.

How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

For high traffic areas, you should contact a rug cleaning company every 12 to 18 months. 

How Long Does It Take For A Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

Average dry time is between 4 to 8 hours, yet it could take additional time or less time based on the temperature and moisture inside the home. 

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